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On-line Xchange Services

MAINTAIN YOUR CUSTOM EXCHANGE ON-LINE has developed a turn-key on-line software solution for the set up, managment and promotion of an On-line Metal Exchange. The Xchange System was designed to accommodate regional exchange services and companies which wish to operate an aggressive buy/sell/trade service for specific alloys and metal products.


  • Easy set-up and managment of on-line Wanted/Available items.
  • Password protected Xchange accounts ensure that listings are secure from unauthorized tampering.
  • Add new items, edit existing items and delete items any time of the day or night - changes take effect immediately.
  • Wanted/Available listings are organized by Section - then by Category
  • Wanted/Available listings are viewed separately on self-updating web pages, AND integrated into The Inter-Continental Metal Exchange (IME).
  • Listings may include pictures. (OPTIONAL)
  • Lead qualifying reply forms are used to ensure qualified leads may reply to any number of listings.
  • Prospective buyers/sellers are free to browse your Exchange listings and contact you directly regarding any specific item 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • Flexible billing options.


  • Easy to use - simple management tools for adding/editing/deleting listings in the Exchange.
  • Setup your Exchange and activate it within minutes.
  • Advanced hierarchial organization of the Exchange System ensures qualified leads can easily find the items of interest and contact your directly.
  • Listings are promoted within your Exchange AND cross-indexed and promoted within The Inter-Continental Metal Exchange (IME)This ensures qualified leads see your listings and can respond to them.
  • Sales leads are directly emailed to you with the full contact information and messages using lead qualifying forms.
  • Xchange System software is routinely updated at no additional charge.


Service Setup On-line
Monthly Rates Annual Rates
#1 Xchange Service: $ 250 US 25 Mb 500 Mb $ 100 US $ 1,000 US
#2 Xchange Service: $ 250 US 50 Mb 1,150 Mb $ 200 US $ 2,150 US
Additional Service: n/a 1 Mb 20 Mb $ 4 US $ 40 US
On-line Pictures*
of Exchange Items
$ 15 US per picture n/a n/a n/a n/a
* If you have your own web space, their are no addtional charges for including pictures.

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